Josh Riebock.

Joshua James Riebock was born in 1979, in Hinsdale, Illinois. His parents, both imaginative and accomplished educators, encouraged him to read and write from an early age. When he wasn’t in his bedroom, immersed in printed language, Josh was often creating or performing theater with his two sisters.


After graduating from Colorado Christian University in 2002, Josh became a pastor, during which time he also began dating Kristen, whom he would marry in 2005 . After seven years in Austin, Texas, the two of them moved to Charleston, South Carolina. Along with their dog, Ditka, they now reside in New York City, where Josh is currently completing his third book, a novel.


In 2007, and in the same year that his parents died ten weeks apart, Josh quit his pastoral job to write full-time. His first book, My Generation, was published in 2009. His second book, Heroes and Monsters, was published in 2012 and would go on to become a national best-seller, appearing in the top ten in The Wall Street Journal, The Austin America Statesman, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Josh is represented by DC Jacobson.


Josh maintains a busy schedule, traveling across the United States for live storytelling events and has regularly appeared on local and national radio programs. An engrossing and, at times, heartbreaking voice, his honest and poetic storytelling combines philosophy, raw emotion, and uncommon insight into the human condition.


Josh counts Cormac McCarthy, Nicholas Winding Refn, Lewis Carroll, William Shakespeare, JD Salinger, Jack White, Paul Thomas Anderson, Two Cellos, Mahler, Jonathan Safran Foer, Dave Eggers, TS Eliot, Charles Bukowski, and Daniel Wallace among his artistic influences.